I am an avid snacker and am always looking for new options. I eat pretty healthy most of the time and try to pay attention to labels/ingredients. I’m human though, sometimes I throw down a bag of Blaze Doritos guilt free! Everything in moderation, right?! Here are my go-to snacks:

↠ Fruit (blueberries, banana, peach, mango, kiwi)

↠ Almonds (more recently the Skinny Dipped chocolate peanut butter ones)

↠ Protein Bites (I make a cookie dough version weekly … Pinterest has tons)

↠ Hummus (with veggies, peppers, crackers)

↠ Kashi Bars (lately I have been obsessed with the Chewy Nut Butter Bars “Salted Chocolate Chunk”)

↠ Roasted Chickpeas (favorite brand is Biena “Habanero” flavored)

↠ Guacamole (I have a bomb homemade recipe if you need one)

↠ Olives (stuffed garlic are where it’s at)

↠ Cheese (Kerrygold “Dubliner” is my fave)

↠ Apples & PB (either sliced or I make into “nachos” and drizzle with melted PB and add mini chocolate chips)

↠ Cashew Queso (Siete makes some BOMB chashew queso to dip tortilla chips in)

↠ RX Bars (I have had a few flavors and liked them … good for on the go)

↠ Kale Chips (Pinterest)

↠ Parmesean Crisps (basically just bake shredded parmesean cheese and add any seasonings … I usually add italian seasoning)

↠ Kodiak Cake Cups (another good on the go one … microwave for one minute and boom you have a little mini muffin or pancake in a cup)

↠ Mini Dark Chocolate Chips (I always keep a bag of these in my pantry so when I have chocolate cravings … a few of these and I am good)

My snack rotation is forever changing, so please drop me some new ideas to try!

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