I have been about to explode with EXCITEMENT since this morning when I received my latest biopsy results. NORMAL. Like we are talking completely normal, no traces of CIN 1, 2 or 3! WOWZA. Talk about emotional. When I had my colposcopy earlier this week, two areas turned slightly white (meaning something abnormal was there) so they took 3 biopsies to get more information. This was still a massive improvement from last year when my entire cervix turned white and she could tell it was CIN3 before the biopsy results even came back to confirm. But all three biopsies came back NORMAL this morning. This means that my LEEP surgery last October worked! She got all precancerous & CIN3 cells and my body is officially growing its own NORMAL & HEALTHY cells. HALLEJULAH! I still have to go back next year for another pap test & we will take it from there. This is likely something I will deal with on/off in the years to come, but for now, I am EXTREMELY happy, grateful, thankful, and BLESSED. Those of you who have kept up on my journey or know me personally, know that this has been hands down the hardest year of my life. You really do have to ride out the dark storms to be able to see the sunlight again. This journey has taught me the importance of leaning on my faith and believing in myself no matter what. I took this photo one year ago and I have had it as my background on my phone so I look @ it every single day. I even got it framed in my apartment because it just spoke so loudly to me when I took it. It reminded me daily to keep walking the path I am on and that there WAS sunlight on the other side. I would get to the other side slowly but surely. This one little picture has helped me stay focused the last year. THANK YOU for all the well wishes & support during this time. I know for a fact that the prayers & good vibes not only helped lift me up, but also contributed to my results today. ONWARD & UPWARD! đŸ–¤

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