I have been about to explode with EXCITEMENT since this morning when I received my latest biopsy results. NORMAL. Like we are talking completely normal, no traces of CIN 1, 2 or 3! WOWZA. Talk about emotional. When I had my colposcopy earlier this week, two areas turned slightly white (meaning something abnormal was there) so they took 3 biopsies to get more information. This was still a massive improvement from last year when my entire cervix turned white and she could tell it was CIN3 before the biopsy results even came back to confirm. But all three biopsies came back NORMAL this morning. This means that my LEEP surgery last October worked! She got all precancerous & CIN3 cells and my body is officially growing its own NORMAL & HEALTHY cells. HALLEJULAH! I still have to go back next year for another pap test & we will take it from there. This is likely something I will deal with on/off in the years to come, but for now, I am EXTREMELY happy, grateful, thankful, and BLESSED. Those of you who have kept up on my journey or know me personally, know that this has been hands down the hardest year of my life. You really do have to ride out the dark storms to be able to see the sunlight again. This journey has taught me the importance of leaning on my faith and believing in myself no matter what. I took this photo one year ago and I have had it as my background on my phone so I look @ it every single day. I even got it framed in my apartment because it just spoke so loudly to me when I took it. It reminded me daily to keep walking the path I am on and that there WAS sunlight on the other side. I would get to the other side slowly but surely. This one little picture has helped me stay focused the last year. THANK YOU for all the well wishes & support during this time. I know for a fact that the prayers & good vibes not only helped lift me up, but also contributed to my results today. ONWARD & UPWARD! đź–¤


Denver has always been on my travel bucket list. I even had a trip booked in 2016 and then rescued Mia right before I was supposed to leave. There was no way I could leave her after only having her a few days. So I canceled that trip and knew I’d get there some other time. Well that time ended up being this weekend! It was also my 31st birthday! What better way to ring in a new year than exploring a new city! I was accompanied by my main squeeze Alex as well! We booked this trip two months ago and I’ve been giddy every day! It definitely didn’t disappoint! We had a fabulous time!

Day 1 … With work schedules and Mia we couldn’t be gone long but the times of our flights made it feel like we had more than enough time there. We left early Friday morning and took a direct flight into Denver. I am usually an Airbnb gal but we opted to stay downtown at the Sheraton, which didn’t disappoint! This way we would be right in the middle of the action and wouldn’t be out in the burbs, which would ensure there was no wasted time traveling around. We originally were going to take the light rail to union station but an Uber directly to the hotel was surprisingly cheaper so we went with that to the hotel. I had made a rough outline of an itinerary but we agreed to just go with the flow but at least we had ideas of what we wanted to do/see/eat. The forecast for Friday was 96 and sunny so we switched some plans around to accommodate for a beautiful outdoor day! We dropped our luggage at the hotel because our room wasn’t quite ready and decided to just start walking around downtown.

After a quick Krispy Kreme and Starbucks stop, we strolled around the city looking at the 16th Street Mall and The Pavilions. It reminded us a lot of Nicollet mall back in Minneapolis. We did a little shopping and ate at 5280 Burger. We loved the jalapeño poppers but were less than impressed with the burgers. Super bland and nothing special. This ended up being the only place we would not recommend from our trip.

We decided to head back to the hotel and soak up some rays at the amazing hotel roof pool! We both had a crazy busy week prior to the trip so some R&R was definitely in store for us! It felt so nice to just lounge in the sunshine. I was curious as to how 97 degrees would feel in the mountains … I think it was less humid and more of a dry heat, but it felt HOT by the pool this day.

We had some downtime and got ready for dinner. We had a reservation at Corinne for dinner. The atmosphere was perfect and the food was delish. We had the best buffalo cauliflower & calamari for apps and then both had the lobster mac & cheese for our entrees. We wanted to check out 54thirty rooftop lounge after for a drink but the wait to get up there was 45minutes. We opted to just head back to the hotel because we were exhausted. The 16th Street Mall was very lively and entertaining on our walk back.

Day 2 … My 31st Birthday! We woke up bright & early because we wanted to hit the road by 8 am to get out to the red rocks ASAP. We took an Uber out there … it’s west of DT and took us about 30 min. We didn’t plan to do anything too strenuous this trip as far as hiking and/or mountain climbing! We didn’t want to spend more than half a day considering we were only there for a short weekend. We both agree that if we come back though we would tackle something longer. There’s a 1.4 mile hike on the “trading post trail” that we opted for this time. The entire red rocks amphitheater and area was breathtaking.

We were starving by now so we went back to shower quickly and then eat. We went to the Egg Shell for breakfast and it was seriously AMAZING. We both had excellent spicy Bloody’s. Alex had French toast & eggs while I had a breakfast quesadilla and tots. Everything was super fresh and just really good!

We grabbed my bday Starbucks and then found scooters to head out to our pedi appointment. Yes, you read that right, I got Alex to agree to come get a pedi with me! We went to Mainstream Nails and they were awesome! Felt great to relax & get pampered! We even had some wine while we got our pedis.

Next up was some downtime and pool time before dinner. We went to Larimer Square for dinner which was the cutest coziest little neighborhood ever. I had read good things about CRU Wine Bar so that’s where we went! We had some great flights of wine and apps. We tried the grilled cheese & tomato soup as well as a charcuterie board. I had the filet mignon and Alex had the steak frites. Everything was seriously EXCELLENT. We shared a chocolate molten cake for dessert. We went across the street to Crimson Room Piano Bar after for a drink and then walked back to the hotel.

It was a perfect birthday! I was missing Mia boo a lot but the Rover sent me some great pictures of her doing just fine back at home. Funny story, I actually found a Rover who lives in my building … just two floors down. So I am thinking that helped Mia feel a little better to be kind of in her usual space! How perfect was that!?

Day 3 … We were up bright & early again today. We had read that Snooze AM Eatery had long waits on weekend mornings so we went right away. We scootered down to the Union Station location and there was only a 20 minute wait. We shared a pancake flight, I got breakfast tacos and Alex got french toast. It was good but not as good as the Egg Shell. The peanut butter cup pancake was our favorite.

We scooted directly to the Denver Art Museum next. We looked at almost all the exhibits. I have this thing where I love to go to the Art Museums in each city I travel to.

We stopped into the hotel room quick to rest and then hit the scooters again to head to Coors Field. We didn’t have time to go to the game because of our flight time but we went to View House to tailgate before. It was literally right in front of the stadium and had a huge rooftop.

Decided to uber back to the hotel to check out and not risk our lives on scooters after drinking. HA! Checked out and grabbed some Krispy Kreme’s for the road.

Then things got realllll interesting. HA. So our original flight was delayed and it kept getting longer and longer. We boarded though about an hour later than what it was supposed to be. All seemed well again. We were next in line to take off and the pilot got on the speaker to say that they shut down and grounded all departures because of a storm above. WHAT?! So the engines turned off and we sat on the plane for another hour only to be told they need us to now get off the plane. We get off and are standing in this crammed corner and can barely hear but they say our flight is CANCELLED. We need to go to ticketing to either get a refund or get rebooked. Everyone starts freaking out & running. Mind you we are on like the opposite side of ticketing and need to take a tram across the airport. Alex & I make a game plan on the tram … he will carry the bags and I will go ahead to attempt to get in line sooner to get on a new flight. I literally got into a sprint competition with a group of guys who were also trying to get there, I won for the record. I was the first person from our plane in line LOL. Our option to rebook turned out to be a complete and utter bust. The earliest they could get us out was on TUESDAY! TWO DAYS from now. HELL NO. So we took the refund and then started frantically looking on our phones to get on a new flight. Every price started jumping and sites started glitching because everyone was doing the same thing. We tried a few options and nothing panned out. We decided to buy a very expensive flight to get the hell out of there that night. It was supposed to leave at 9:55 pm (it was 8:10ish when we were booking this at the ticket counter) and as she’s printing out boarding passes the time jumps 55 minutes EARLIER to 9 pm …. so that gives us like no time to get through security and take the tram. We went down to security and were about to try and then said NOPE. So we headed backkkk to the ticket counter and waited in that monster line AGAIN. We ended up getting on a 11 pm flight which put us in at MSP at 2am. LOVELY. I am so glad I took Monday off and Mia’s Rover was awesome and agreed to take her another night. We were tired, sweating, thirsty, and just straight up exhausted & delirious at this point. We got an entire row to ourselves though so I laid down and slept the entire time. We made it back and were in bed around 2:45 am. It all worked out but what a way to end the weekend. Part of traveling though, right?!

It was truly a FABULOUS weekend. We both want to come back and agree it’s a perfect place to just come and chill out. We had a good balance of doing stuff but also just lounged a lot, which is our fave too. I would highly recommend making it out there if you haven’t!


I am both excited & nervous as I begin this post! This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I’m going to start with a little bit about myself & what the purpose of this blog will be.

So without further ado … I am KAITLYN. I won’t bore you to death with details, I’ll just give you the “need to knows”. I am thirty years young & live in Uptown, Minneapolis. I have lived in this neighborhood for about five years now & absolutely love it. The perfect mix of city life & outdoor space with the lakes right down the block from me. Almost three years ago I rescued my main squeeze MIA. She is a min-pin chihuahua dachshund mix from Kentucky. We have been inseparable since she arrived … two peas in a pod. I am passionate about crunchy living, health & wellness. Taking care of my body has become a huge priority for me over the last few years. I love cooking & trying new recipes with a glass of red on the side. Reading & yoga are also things I try to fit into my life. You’ll notice that I’m an introvert at heart & one hundred percent okay with that.

I am an elementary science specialist in South Minneapolis. I have been in this current role for the last three school years. Prior to that, I taught for seven years in North Minneapolis. I was a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first grade & third grade over those seven years. My time in North Minneapolis has truly shaped who I am as a person & teacher.

As much as I love teaching & my current role, my heart & soul have been longing for more. That’s where this blog & writing comes into play! I have always enjoyed writing as an outlet … my teachers & mom used to tell me I was “such a great writer” (HA). I have blogged before but lost touch with that over the last few years. I journal a lot and find that to be the best way for me to spill out all the thoughts in my brain. I plan to use this blog to not only chronicle my life & adventures but also to showcase some other pieces of writing I will be working on.

Topics of interest to me include: health, wellness, food/recipes, workouts, teaching, product & restaurant reviews, fashion, fur parenting and life in the city as a 30 year old female.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Cheers to the future!

Stone Arch Bridge in Mpls