What better way to start off the blog than with a post about a crunchy dog option! Two of my favorite topics: crunchy products and my dog Mia! As I mentioned in my welcome post, I am super passionate about living a crunchy lifestyle. Someone recently asked what a “crunchy” lifestyle means. It’s basically a label to describe someone who is very conscientious about living clean and natural. I typically do tons of my own research and tend to stay away from mainstream trends in the health, wellness & food industries. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am all about my natural “remedies”! When I got my fur baby, Mia, I started researching natural options for dogs. I joined a couple of really good facebook groups that have been very helpful in my quest to provide Mia with great products.

One product that I struggled to find clean options for was dog shampoo. When I first got Mia I had some fancy dancy shampoo and it ended up making her itchy and she had bad dandruff. Then I tried the Burt’s Bees dog line with the same issues. Why does everything have to be so toxic and gross with nasty ingredients and fragrances?! So I set off on a mission to make my own! This is a homemade recipe that I have been using for the last year with Mia and it’s worked great. We always get compliments from strangers and even the vet about how healthy her hair/coat looks.

So here’s what you’ll need … 

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp natural soap 
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 2 drops peppermint oil

Mix it all together and you’ve got yourself a nice smelling natural dog shampoo! It’s not quite as foamy as regular shampoo but it does lather decently and I usually only need a couple pumps to wash Mia. I dumped the natural soap into a storage container so that I could use this pump dispenser (in the picture below) for the actual shampoo. Let me know if you try it out with your fur baby! 


I am both excited & nervous as I begin this post! This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I’m going to start with a little bit about myself & what the purpose of this blog will be.

So without further ado … I am KAITLYN. I won’t bore you to death with details, I’ll just give you the “need to knows”. I am thirty years young & live in Uptown, Minneapolis. I have lived in this neighborhood for about five years now & absolutely love it. The perfect mix of city life & outdoor space with the lakes right down the block from me. Almost three years ago I rescued my main squeeze MIA. She is a min-pin chihuahua dachshund mix from Kentucky. We have been inseparable since she arrived … two peas in a pod. I am passionate about crunchy living, health & wellness. Taking care of my body has become a huge priority for me over the last few years. I love cooking & trying new recipes with a glass of red on the side. Reading & yoga are also things I try to fit into my life. You’ll notice that I’m an introvert at heart & one hundred percent okay with that.

I am an elementary science specialist in South Minneapolis. I have been in this current role for the last three school years. Prior to that, I taught for seven years in North Minneapolis. I was a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first grade & third grade over those seven years. My time in North Minneapolis has truly shaped who I am as a person & teacher.

As much as I love teaching & my current role, my heart & soul have been longing for more. That’s where this blog & writing comes into play! I have always enjoyed writing as an outlet … my teachers & mom used to tell me I was “such a great writer” (HA). I have blogged before but lost touch with that over the last few years. I journal a lot and find that to be the best way for me to spill out all the thoughts in my brain. I plan to use this blog to not only chronicle my life & adventures but also to showcase some other pieces of writing I will be working on.

Topics of interest to me include: health, wellness, food/recipes, workouts, teaching, product & restaurant reviews, fashion, fur parenting and life in the city as a 30 year old female.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Cheers to the future!

Stone Arch Bridge in Mpls