I have had so many people message me on social media about my celery juicing experience. So I figured this would make a great blog post to share what I know and how my experience has been so far.

After researching for weeks (of course) and stalking some celery juicing Instagram accounts I decided to try it out! I wanted to make sure there were actual benefits and it wasn’t just the new IG fad. One account that I follow that has TONS of information is “celery juice benefits” and I also got a lot of information from “Medical Medium”. I have read so many articles and testimonies from people claiming celery juice cured them of everything from autoimmune diseases to eczema, acid reflux and even high blood pressure. My main reasons for drinking celery juice are to: reduce inflammation, clear acne, treat perioral dermatitis on my face, keep my gut healthy, keep cancer away and treat my ongoing headaches.

Celery juice is a seriously powerful remedy and the benefits are quite amazing. Celery is full of the good salts. Don’t let anyone tell you it has too much salt because the type of salts in celery (sodium cluster salts) have extremely healing properties. In addition to the salts, there are tons of naturally occurring minerals present, including vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Celery is mainly water but it is still a good source of fiber as well. There is a lot of talk about celery having anti-inflammatory properties too. It basically starves the pathogens (bacteria/virus). When disease-causing pathogens don’t have any fuel they don’t progress.

Researching juicers was sort of stressful. You get mixed reviews for each one and you have to weed out what’s important to you. I also didn’t know if I would do this long term and didn’t want to spend over $100 until I knew I was invested in this. I settled for the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor from Target. It was only $55 and if you use your handy dandy red card you get 5% off and free shipping. I have been very happy with it so far!

I have had pre-made celery juice before so I sort of knew what to expect taste wise. They say that you can juice the leaves too but they do have a more bitter taste and I would agree. I juice them most days but sometimes I am just not in the mood for that taste at 6 am before work so then I just cut them off.

You’re supposed to drink celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you drink lemon water I have read to allow 15 minutes in between. I have also read that in order to see maximum benefits you need to be drinking 16 oz per day. You will still need to eat breakfast as this juice is not a meal replacement, just wait 15 minutes after.

So on 2/15/19 I started celery juicing and was surprised that the taste wasn’t too bad. Here are some tips and discoveries I have figured out so far:

  • One bunch of celery will make about 16oz … sometimes less and sometimes more depending on the actual size, but I just do one bunch per day.
  • I have learned that I enjoy the celery cold and when I wash with warm water it’s harder for me to drink early in the morning.
  • Use organic celery if possible … washing the dirt and whatever else off the conventional before juicing is okay but it grossed me out a lot.
  • Wash/rinse your juicer immediately to avoid build up. I rinse my juicer parts each morning after I make the juice and then do a deep wash once per week. Mine came with a brush to clean the metal screen as that is usually the dirtiest part.
  • Use a plastic bag in the scraps part of the juicer … this cuts down on clean up time tremendously because all the scraps go into the bag and you just empty it out.
  • Chugging it with a straw works best for me. It’s not something that I would sip on for awhile as it gets warm quickly. Using a straw (reusable of course) helps me get it down quickly.
  • To save on dishes I have been drinking directly out of the glass measuring cup that I collect the juice in. Why be fancy at 6 am right?! I also leave a knife out so I can quickly chop off the bottom part before washing.
  • You can wash/cut your celery the night before if you know you don’t have much time in the morning. You can also buy the pre cut celery with the leaves already cut off.
  • Celery will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. I just keep it in my veggie drawer and haven’t had any stalks spoil. That means I only have to go buy 14 bunches twice a month!

It really sounds much more time consuming than it actually is. I have been waking up at 5 am to get my workout in before work and I still have time to do this and be on time for work. Once you have your routine it is not any different than making a shake/smoothie/coffee in the morning. You could literally make it, clean and drink it all within 5 minutes.

I certainly don’t think it is a “quick fix” but rather something that you should do long term and you will reap the benefits. I am almost 2 months into my celery juicing journey and I can say confidently that I have noticed benefits. First off, I feel more alert and awake after drinking the juice in the mornings. My digestion and gut health have been on point and my weight has maintained. The biggest physical change that I can actually see because it’s not inside of my body, is my perioral dermatitis (if you don’t know what this is, google it and I will do a post on this someday too) and my acne that randomly started this fall after trying a new medication that I am no longer on. My face looks noticeably better and my skin is more clear and smooth. The photo below shows the difference in just the first two weeks. This reminds me I need to take a more updated photo now that I am further along! But I was impressed with just two weeks in the photos below.

Hopefully this review was helpful and if you have any other questions please reach out. Definitely give it a try and see if it works for you. You need to be your own researcher and advocate so make sure you do your homework too. Anytime there is a natural alternative I am down to at least try it!


I will try to do a post like this every few months and feature my favorite deals and items. This time they all happen to be fashion finds. In future posts I plan to also share food finds, health/wellness products and whatever else I find and love!

Here are four of my favorite fashion finds lately!

#1: BaubleBar Granita Beaded Tassel Earrings $38 from Nordstrom: I got them in the “blush” color and they dress up any outfit. I have seen different versions at Target who now has a BaubleBar line too. I got a black tassel pair from Target but these are my top faves. Nordstrom Rack sometimes has these for only $20 but they go fast – so keep your eyes peeled if you are trying to get a pair.

#2: Black Jump Suit $30 from Amazon: I was so intrigued about this one! I follow “Living in Yellow” on Facebook and she always posts outfit ideas. This was one of the ones she recommended. I was hesitant because I am only 5’2 and usually everything hangs off me. I got an XS in black and LOVE IT! I did have to iron it quite a bit to get the wrinkles out but now it looks perfect! I wore it with some low heels and it was the perfect length too. In the picture below I am also wearing the earrings mentioned above so you can see them in action!

#3: Kate Spade Leopard Keds $110 at Keds: I have been searching high and low for leopard print slip ons! These were in my top 2 and I ended up trying these. I LOVE them and they are so comfortable! I can’t wait to wear these more this spring and summer. If you sign up for the email club on the Keds website you get 15% off your order!

#4: Fossil Logan Printed Tab Clutch Wallet $58 at Macy’s: I was in need of a new wallet that would match with any bag I use. I stumbled upon this one and really loved the pattern. It fits all my stuff in it and will match my bags or look cute if I carry it alone sometimes. You can usually find a Macy’s code/deal/sale so watch their website!


Although my trip to Seattle was several months ago, I am still going to blog about it to document my suggestions, tips and adventures!

I decided that for my 30th (I know, right!) birthday I would go to Seattle for a mini vacay by myself! It was meant to prove to myself as I entered a new decade, that I was still a strong independent woman who could do hard & new things on my own! I planned this about two weeks prior to my birthday, which is June 29th. It was my first time away from Mia so of course I was nervous about that and didn’t want to be gone too long. I settled on leaving early Thursday morning and coming home late Saturday night. I crammed a lot of adventures in during that time and I really do feel like I saw enough to feel accomplished in Seattle.

So Thursday morning bright and early I dropped Mia off at her Rover and raced to the airport. Made it there without any issues, although, the flight was quite long (4 hours). When I got there I made my way to the light rail line. I used a mix of public transportation and ubers to get around. I successfully navigated downtown Seattle. I went from the airport to Public Market Center. I grabbed a quick bowl of the famous Beecher’s Mac & Cheese (which was SO good that I got it again TWO more times) and then ubered to my awesome airbnb.

I have used airbnb before but had never stayed in a SHARED house. But since this trip was allllll about doing new things alone I decided I would try it. I found a home that had amazing reviews and bedrooms on the first and second floor that they rented out. I opted for the first floor one … it had its own private bathroom, mini fridge and an electronic lock on the door. I never even ended up seeing the owners and it was seriously perfect! They had a keypad on the front door and you could come and go as you please. Once I came home at night I didn’t venture back out … just relaxed in my room and went to bed. I would totally do this again especially with the private bathroom. It literally felt like a hotel room. If you ever travel to Seattle and want the link let me know!

So anyway, I ubered to the house and dropped off my stuff. I only traveled with a backpack but it was getting pretty heavy. I freshened up and headed back downtown. It was only like a 10 minute uber ride from my airbnb. I loved that they have uber pool in Seattle … it was always like $2-3 for a ride. You just can’t be in a rush because you pick up other people on the way. The app tells you where to stand and then the uber comes and picks you up. It was usually just me and maybe one or two other people. I actually enjoyed this! I explored the market & famous gum wall. Then after a while, I ubered North to the Queen Anne neighborhood. I went to find this cupcake joint which did not disappoint. Then I walked South to Kerry Park. This was apparently the BEST view of the city skyline … and it truly was beautiful!! Snapped a few pictures and took in the beauty. Then I walked to a burger joint and had a late dinner before ubering home and calling it a night.

Kerry Park Overlook

Friday morning I woke up super early because of the time change. I just laid in bed for a couple of hours relaxing. The bed was SO comfy and it was nice to just do nothing. Today was my 30th birthday! I had so many fun plans for the day so I eventually got up and headed downtown again. My go-to place was always the market. I had an amazing breakfast bagel for breakfast and some bday Starbucks of course! I then headed to the Seattle Art Museum. Since it was a Friday morning it was pretty quiet in there. There were some really neat exhibits. It was about lunchtime by the time I finished up at the Museum so I walked back over to the market. I went to Pike Place Chowder. There was about a 30 minute line but I had read such good reviews so I waited it out. It was the best $30 birthday lobster roll of my life. So good. For the afternoon I took the light rail train up to Chihuly Glass Gardens and the Space Needle. The glass gardens were beautiful. I ended up just finding a bench and chilling there for a while because my Space Needle time slot wasn’t for an hour or so. I could have done without the Space Needle … it really wasn’t that great and I sort of felt weird all the way up there. Snapped a few pictures and got out of there. Ended up ubering further North to the Ballard neighborhood. Found a booth at Mod Pizza and had some really good pizza. Walked around the neighborhood a little bit and then had a massage booked for 6 pm. After the massage, I went home and crashed! I did so much on Day 2.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to none other than the market! I got some really good maple bacon donuts and then just spent the morning shopping downtown and roaming around. There was Starbucks involved and just taking it slow. It was starting to sprinkle a little around lunch time. Later that afternoon I took the light rail back to the airport and headed back to MSP. It was truly a special trip for me. I tried new things and felt rejuvenated when I got back home. I will definitely return someday for another long weekend. It was the perfect place to travel solo and was filled with such amazing food!


What better way to start off the blog than with a post about a crunchy dog option! Two of my favorite topics: crunchy products and my dog Mia! As I mentioned in my welcome post, I am super passionate about living a crunchy lifestyle. Someone recently asked what a “crunchy” lifestyle means. It’s basically a label to describe someone who is very conscientious about living clean and natural. I typically do tons of my own research and tend to stay away from mainstream trends in the health, wellness & food industries. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am all about my natural “remedies”! When I got my fur baby, Mia, I started researching natural options for dogs. I joined a couple of really good facebook groups that have been very helpful in my quest to provide Mia with great products.

One product that I struggled to find clean options for was dog shampoo. When I first got Mia I had some fancy dancy shampoo and it ended up making her itchy and she had bad dandruff. Then I tried the Burt’s Bees dog line with the same issues. Why does everything have to be so toxic and gross with nasty ingredients and fragrances?! So I set off on a mission to make my own! This is a homemade recipe that I have been using for the last year with Mia and it’s worked great. We always get compliments from strangers and even the vet about how healthy her hair/coat looks.

So here’s what you’ll need … 

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp natural soap 
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 2 drops peppermint oil

Mix it all together and you’ve got yourself a nice smelling natural dog shampoo! It’s not quite as foamy as regular shampoo but it does lather decently and I usually only need a couple pumps to wash Mia. I dumped the natural soap into a storage container so that I could use this pump dispenser (in the picture below) for the actual shampoo. Let me know if you try it out with your fur baby! 


I am both excited & nervous as I begin this post! This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I’m going to start with a little bit about myself & what the purpose of this blog will be.

So without further ado … I am KAITLYN. I won’t bore you to death with details, I’ll just give you the “need to knows”. I am thirty years young & live in Uptown, Minneapolis. I have lived in this neighborhood for about five years now & absolutely love it. The perfect mix of city life & outdoor space with the lakes right down the block from me. Almost three years ago I rescued my main squeeze MIA. She is a min-pin chihuahua dachshund mix from Kentucky. We have been inseparable since she arrived … two peas in a pod. I am passionate about crunchy living, health & wellness. Taking care of my body has become a huge priority for me over the last few years. I love cooking & trying new recipes with a glass of red on the side. Reading & yoga are also things I try to fit into my life. You’ll notice that I’m an introvert at heart & one hundred percent okay with that.

I am an elementary science specialist in South Minneapolis. I have been in this current role for the last three school years. Prior to that, I taught for seven years in North Minneapolis. I was a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first grade & third grade over those seven years. My time in North Minneapolis has truly shaped who I am as a person & teacher.

As much as I love teaching & my current role, my heart & soul have been longing for more. That’s where this blog & writing comes into play! I have always enjoyed writing as an outlet … my teachers & mom used to tell me I was “such a great writer” (HA). I have blogged before but lost touch with that over the last few years. I journal a lot and find that to be the best way for me to spill out all the thoughts in my brain. I plan to use this blog to not only chronicle my life & adventures but also to showcase some other pieces of writing I will be working on.

Topics of interest to me include: health, wellness, food/recipes, workouts, teaching, product & restaurant reviews, fashion, fur parenting and life in the city as a 30 year old female.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Cheers to the future!

Stone Arch Bridge in Mpls