Sort of a funny topic, but I get told a lot how clean & organized my place is, so I figured I would share some easy tips for how I keep it clean without feeling too overwhelmed. This will be more “cleaning tips & tricks” and I’ll save “organization” tips for another post.

I’ve been in my place about five years now. When I first moved here I literally hardcore cleaned it every few days which was totally overkill! I didn’t even have a dog at that point and it was just unnecessary! I would spend like 4 hours deep cleaning it! I know, I know. I think I finally have a manageable plan in place that is not overwhelming while working full time as a teacher.

I am naturally a very clean person and find cleaning therapeutic in a sense. So my cleaning habits come second nature to me.

Below are 10 tips & tricks that help me stay on top of cleaning:

↠ I always clean up after myself immediately. If I use something, I tidy it up right after I’m done using it. I clean my dishes right after I use them too. I never let dishes pile up. I’m sort of always in a state of tidying & cleaning. I never let it get too messy. A little bit each day keeps it manageable.

↠ Along this same note, everything has a designated place in my apartment. Nothing is just stored on the floor randomly. This helps keeps things tidy almost all of the time.

↠ I make my bed every morning. It sets the tone for the day and makes my room space feel clean, crisp & put together.

↠ I never run out of cleaning supplies! I take after my mom with this one! HA! When I am getting low on anything I add it to my shopping list. So that by the time I do run out, I already have a replacement purchased. This is a tip for not only cleaning supplies but really anything you purchase on a consistent basis.

↠ I always do a sweep of the apartment before I go to bed. I tidy the living room quick, wipe the kitchen counters, etc. I never go to bed with a mess left out. That way when I wake up in the morning, I start with a clean slate.

↠ I have conducted a couple of major purges to my apartment. I have been trying to downsize and live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Less stuff = less mess!

↠ Every week, usually on Tuesday, I dust, sweep, vacuum, wipe down and clean my entire apartment. I’ve got this down to a science, so it doesn’t take me too long at all. It starts to feel gross after a week so this timeframe works great for me, especially with having a little furry friend! If you have a consistent day that you clean it never gets forgotten about. It’s just a non-negotiable, I always do this.

↠ Laundry & sheets are also washed weekly. If you stay on top of laundry it’s not too bad. Which means you need to put it away immediately too! I have never understood people with piles of clean laundry?! I literally make time to put it away immediately every single time. It’s important to have a laundry system to keep things running smoothly!

↠ I do a deep cleaning every few months where I really go to town. This includes cleaning floors, walls, windows, rugs, etc. I also refill soaps, change toothbrushes, clean the stove/oven & microwave this day.

↠ Invest in a quality air purifier to help with settling dust. I also swear this just helps keep my apartment smelling nice and keeps my allergies at bay. I live on a really busy street and there is soot/dirt that gets blown up too, so this helps a lot.

So there’s that! I would say those are my 10 big tips & tricks that I follow consistently to keep my space tidy! Let me know if you have any other hacks that are beneficial, I am always open to new ways to save time & energy!