Most of the time you can catch me rocking a casual and natural style but there are times I do enjoy being EXTRA. My makeup style is also usually pretty simple and natural. A couple of years ago though I tried some fake lashes and I really liked how they made my eyes pop. Even if I didn’t have a lot of other makeup on there was something I liked about having lashes that were full and dark. I have just been purchasing single-use lashes from Sally’s or Target but I recently saw an Instagram post about these new lashes from “Made For More Collection” and I had to try them!  

When I looked on their site I was pleasantly surprised at the cost. I have seen girls who go in to have lash extensions and spend hundreds of dollars each month. So when I saw that these were only $15 and could be used multiple times (15-20 times with proper care) I was like HELL YEAH!!! I ended up getting the starter kit, which came with the tools, glue and one set of lashes. With the IG code I had, it came to $28. That’s a very good deal if you ask me. I got the “Girl Next Door” lashes and they look pretty natural and subtle in my opinion. They were suggested if you wanted a “simple yet full volume look” without adding too much length.┬áThe lashes are faux mink.

I was so excited when they arrived! The packaging was super cute & classy. I always pay attention to those little details. The colors of the tools and container are also adorable. Sort of a rose gold color. They seemed like good quality at first glance. What was super nice was that there are two awesome videos on the Made For More Collection website that explain care guidelines and also show the application and removal process. I watched both of those and felt pretty confident I could do this. A trick mentioned in the video is to use liquid eyeliner on the clear band of the lashes to fill in the clear color. I would recommend doing that if you don’t want the band to be noticeable. The “Girl Next Door” style has the clear band but some of the more expensive ones already have a black band.

Keep in mind, I haven’t put on fake lashes since Halloween so I was a bit rusty. HA. I also would NOT recommend doing this when you are going somewhere and have a time limit. That was mistake one for me. I managed but I did have to rush a bit and it would have been nicer to take my time. So here’s what went down:

  • As I mentioned earlier, I first coated black liquid eyeliner on the clear band to attempt to color in that area. While that was drying, I did my eye makeup as usual and applied mascara to my regular lashes. You are not supposed to put mascara on the fake lashes at all.
  • I got the lashes out of the box carefully with the tweezers, making sure to be gentle. Definetly keep the box to store your lashes in.
  • I applied glue to the inside of the clear band. I especially liked that the glue came with a brush so I could see exactly where I was applying glue and I could control how much I put on. It is very important to wait at least 35 seconds to let the glue start to get tacky.
  • You are supposed to adhere to the center of your eye first and then work on the inner and outer edges. I was lucky and didn’t have to trim them at all to fit on my eyes. I did, however, make another mistake, I put one set on and noticed it was much more full on the INSIDE of my eye instead of the outside … I had it on the wrong eye. LOL. So I quickly moved that over to the correct eye.
  • I applied both sets … I had to sort of play with them to get them in the correct spot, but it was not too hard. I used a combination of my fingers and the tweezer to press my real lashes against the fake lashes. I was able to get them to blend really well.

TA-DA! I was done! They were a little more glam than I was picturing but I did like how they looked. It did take some getting used to … those of you who have had fake lashes know what I’m talking about! It just feels different to have these long heavy things on your eyes. My biggest thing I need to work on is my eyeliner application. I think if I get that perfected then I will be happy with how they look on my eyelid. They never once lifted up or came out of place which was nice because I wore them bowling! HA!

When you want to take them off it’s suggested to dip a Q-tip into oil-free makeup remover and gently run that along the glue line. When the glue dissolves you can gently remove the lashes and store them in your cute little box until next time. I also cleaned the glue line some more with the Q-tip once I had them removed.

Overall, I was really happy with these lashes! I am especially excited that you can use them multiple times. I don’t wear lashes every day but these are awesome for those special occasions when I want to add a little extra glam and be fancy. I think the more I practice the easier it will all get. I even did them the following day and it took me half the amount of time and they looked even better! The lashes are beautiful, soft, full, and high quality. The tools and glue/brush were easy to use and also high quality. If you are interested in trying them out, check out and look at the different styles available.