This week was sort of strange for me as it was the first time post college that I didn’t have a “first day” of school and all the anxiety that comes with that as a teacher. I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing! If you are a teacher or know a teacher, you know that the beginning of a new school year is just about THE most important event there is each year. And also THE most exhausting event there is each year. I don’t think people realize the amount of energy teachers put into getting ready for a new school year. And let me tell you, that first week with a brand new class is TOUGH. I remember feeling a new level of exhaustion every year after week 1. Especially when I taught Kindergarten. So next time you see a teacher, THANK THEM. They deserve the world. Here is a class pic of my last official class of my own (minus 3 that were absent). We had quite the year together but I miss these babies & hope they are all doing GREAT things! This class will FOREVER hold a VERY special place in my heart & soul.

So a little update on my new role … I am about 2.5 months in and LOVE it. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It truly feels meant to be & it all comes so naturally to me. I enjoy the new tasks each day that still keep me on my toes but in a less exhausting way than teaching. I have a lot of flexibility which was something important to me when I was job searching. My role is VERY independent, which I personally really like. There is only 1 of me in the entire company of 500+ employees. I don’t necessarily have a team to work with and there is a lot I need to figure out on my own. But you see, I THRIVE in situations like that. I am also SO impressed with the company itself. I have never worked somewhere where just about everyone is extremely proud to work there and enjoys coming to work every day! The energy is great to be around. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this career switch.

I am also going to start working towards getting my MBA. My company is partnering with a local state college to create a first ever MBA cohort completely paid for by my employer. Yes, you read that right. They are paying for your entire MBA. I, unfortunately, won’t make the first cohort as I need to take some pre-reqs that I never had to take when I was in college getting my Education degree. So this fall I plan to start by taking the MBA math test which will count as my statistics class. This also counts as an alternative to the GMAT! Then next spring I will take 2 more pre-reqs … financial accounting & an econ class. Fingers crossed round 1 goes well and they continue this amazing opportunity so I can be in the second cohort. I will also be able to utilize the tuition reimbursement program my employer offers to get those 3 pre-reqs completely paid for. Talk about an opportunity you CANNOT pass up! I am excited about these new upcoming changes & challenges. I think it will set me up nicely for the future and it will be great to have another degree in addition to Education.

I feel extremely blessed right now with how things have lined up so well. That makes me feel confident in my decision to leave teaching & try something new.

Onwards & Upwards.


It has been a whirlwind the last couple weeks around here.

It all started two weeks ago when I decided to go tour a new place in Northeast, Minneapolis. It’s technically more Saint Anthony East but also in the new’ish NE area that people think of when you say NE. It is a new high-rise building which is something I have always wanted to live in for some reason. So I randomly decided to go tour it and of course, I fell in LOVE. I saw lots of floor plans and was hoping one floor plan would speak to me clearly so I wouldn’t have to make a decision, and literally ONLY ONE did! YES! It’s a studio but has a good spacious layout, huge closet, washer/dryer, and the view of a lifetime. I can see a panoramic view of Minneapolis from my window. It’s amazing. The building has ALL the amenities you could ever need too. I opted for the middle of the building. I felt a tad woozy when I went and toured a unit towards the top. They told me you can definitely feel the wind/swaying/movement up there, even on the 5th floor they have felt it! YIKES. I put in an app right then & there and was approved the following week. I had less than a month to get my current place rented out, sell almost all my belongings to fit in a studio, purchase new smaller items and pack everything. I am a major organizer if you don’t know that about me already. So I, of course, made spreadsheets on spreadsheets to keep track of all of this and plan out how I am going to get it all done. If anyone could do this insane plan, it was me. I thrive in stressful, busy situations. I am a multitasker by nature and I get these visions and can just run with them. I planned to start with a massive purge of my current place, then start selling items/purchasing new smaller ones and finally pack the last 1.5 weeks. I love purging so that was not hard for me – I always feel great when I whittle down my “stuff” and my goal is to live a more minimalistic lifestyle anyway. My sister Jessie usually benefits from these purges the most, especially in the clothes department. I have completed the purge, sold a TON of items (like all I have left is my bed, furniture wise), purchased all my new items and just have packing left which I am starting this weekend. I have been really happy in my GEM in Uptown for 5 years but it is time to move on. I feel like I’ve outgrown the people, neighborhood, and vibe there. I am looking forward to a new adventure in a new neighborhood. I am all about embracing change and those who know me, know that I am not afraid to make some drastic changes! The river is 2 blocks away, so many restaurants & stores right below me, the beautiful Stone Arch bridge is right there, and I am still super close to Downtown. The commute is surprisingly the exact amount of miles to my new job in St. Paul as it was from my Uptown place. I will for sure take some pics once I am moved in and do a post about it all.

I also started my new job and have been in the newness phase of that every day. I have caught on quickly and feel caught up & comfortable with all the new systems by now. This has been a breath of fresh air for me. I absolutely love going to work every day and everything I do comes naturally to me so it doesn’t even feel like work to me. I love the silence of working by myself. I am a true introvert and could seriously survive on an island alone. My new role is really unique because I am the only one of my kind. I don’t necessarily have a team or anyone else to compare things to. But I LOVE that and I THRIVE in roles like that. I am self-sufficient and take initiative on my own. My new role is super flexible too which is so nice. I have not once gotten the Sunday scaries @ the new job, which is awesome. The company itself is unlike anywhere I have ever worked. People truly and genuinely LOVE working there. It’s really awesome to be surrounded by positive people who believe in the same things. I am trusted in my position and I have the freedom to do what I think is best. That’s something that was lacking in my teaching position.

On the flip side of starting the new job, I officially separated from my teaching job too! EEEEKKK. I turned in the paperwork and notified my principal and staff. It was bittersweet, to say the least. I teared up a couple of times because it is really an emotional, bittersweet thing for me. I have deep ties to teaching and how it’s affected my life the last decade. I have not once regretted my decision though and know that I can always work with children in the future.

Finally, I had my big “one year mark” doctor appointment to check in on my cervix. I surprisingly only got anxious a few days before the appointment. I have come leaps and bounds since last year on this. I really have the mentality right now “it is what it is and God has a plan for me”. I had a glimmer of hope that things would check out normal and this nightmare would be over. I didn’t even have a bad gut intuition feeling, which I usually do, so I thought that meant it was going to be good news. Long story short, it was NOT good news. But also not completely horrible news either. It’s not over as I had hoped. I have to move forward with another colposcopy and biopsies in September. If those biopsies come back clean then I would be in the clear until next summer. If those biopsies show any kind of CIN, then I get another LEEP surgery, which would SUCK. We are also hoping that if there is anything visible that it has continued to stay OUTSIDE of my cervix and not creep inward as that would not be good and would need a different treatment approach. They have agreed to give me Valium before this next appointment and also lidocaine which worked so well for my LEEP last year. I was sad for sure the day I got the call on this. I felt really defeated. But ultimately I know I will be okay. It sucks, it really does, but it could be worse. I will survive and each time I go through something like this I am one step closer to getting this nasty stuff out of my body. I have hope that when they do the biopsies they come back clean and show that my body is producing good healthy cancer-free cells. As of now, we have the appointment scheduled for mid-September. My doctor is going on vacay and she felt comfortable waiting for that amount of time. I value her opinion and really do trust her judgment with this all so it was important to me to have her perform everything again.

So between all of those things and trying to have any other type of personal life, I have barely had any downtime but it’s okay. I am REALLY excited about my new job & moving. I know when I get settled in there in a couple of weeks it will all be worth it. All of these changes feel so right in my heart & soul and I really do believe the best is yet to come! Thank you all for your continued support of all my life changes.