Just in time, on the last Friday of September! I feel like I’ve been finding all sorts of gems lately! I’ll share my top ten fun and/or practical purchases of the month. Everything is linked if you’re interested!

#1 – BATHROOM SPINNING TURNTABLE – I came across this on IG and I was in need of some organization in my bathroom cabinet. This is perfect! I keep my most used items in it for easy access. If you are tight on space this is a life saver!

#2 – OVER THE CABINET HANGING STORAGE – This was another great IG/Target find! It fits perfectly inside my cabinet in the bathroom. I keep my blow dryer, flat iron & curling iron in it. It created some extra shelf space as a result. Love it.

#3 – SILICONE FACE MASK BRUSHES – I purchased a tub of that Aztec healing clay to use for weekly face masks and it’s an absolute mess to put on and you don’t want it going down the drain because it will harden in your pipes. So I found these awesome silicone brushes that make applying the clay mask super easy. I just wipe it off with a wet paper towel after. I also figured out to make the clay mask in a ziplock so that you don’t have to clean a bowl out without getting the debris in your sink drain! Hack!

#4 – LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS – who doesn’t love a solid classic long sleeve! They are fitted and ribbed. I of course, bought in 3 colors. LOL.

#5 – CND VINYLUX NAIL POLISH – I have been giving my nails a break from gel & dip mani’s since July & painting them myself. This is legit the best nail polish ever. It goes on so smooth, lasts an entire week without chipping & dries super fast! Highly recommend. I just bought another one this week so now I have 3 colors to rotate between.

#6 – MAKEUP BOX – I think I came across this on IG but can’t totally recall. It’s amazing though. I do not want anything out on my bathroom counter. I like it to be clean & clutter free. I also hate makeup bags where you have to dig and can never find anything without dumping it all out. This is the perfect solution! And you can grab it & go when traveling. Highly recommend! You can also adjust the sizes of each compartment to make it your own!

#7 – PINK PUMPKIN – I am probably more excited than I should be about this! HA! I just hate like clunky ugly colored holiday decor. I know, I know. I got rid of most holiday items when I moved and only want a few things out to keep my place clean & simple. I spotted this on a target IG account and had to have it. It’s glass & the perfect shade of light pink!

#8 – ADIDAS NMD R1 PRIMEKNIT SHOES – My addiction with shoes will never die down. I just can’t help myself. These are the latest & greatest for me. I love them! They are actually men’s so I had to size way down but they fit fine! I like the off white creamy tan color a lot.

#9 – WOOL BLEND COAT – I have wanted this coat for awhile! I just love the color. Especially now that I’m a Corporate worker, I need some stylish coat options! Found this online @ the Gap Outlet.

#10 – PLATFORM SLIP ON SNEAKER – I set out to DSW a couple weeks ago to get a new pair of the Steve Madden platform slip ons but came across these babies on clearance for half the price, so decided to try them out. They are really comfy & I have received lots of compliments when I wear them to work.

So there you have it! A glimpse into the random stuff I order – HA! Who knows what next month will bring!?